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New Tracks!

2011-08-02 04:13:16 by lxNikMxl

Hey! Yeah you! The one reading this post... yes! You should check out some of my audio tracks! Why? Why?! Because they're awesome that's why! Don't know how to get there? Do I have to do everything?? Fine, here's a link to my newest track: Summer No, that's not my only one! Check out the others too! Hey! Be sure to leave a comment, too! Gotta love them comments.


2011-07-19 13:48:39 by lxNikMxl

Hey everyone, I'm going on a week long trip to the beach and won't be taking any of my electronics, which means I can't comment on reviews anyone makes, I can't create/finish any of the tracks I'm working on, and I can't answer any Messages. When I get back, i'll do my best to respond to every comment and message that I can find. Also, I'll probably be uploading another track before I release a collab-track that's in the making. Anyway, see everyone in a week!


2011-05-31 20:07:53 by lxNikMxl

Hey everyone make sure to check out some of my songs, especially my newer posts: CrystalCloud and NiteTyme! And be sure to Rate and tell me whatcha think in the Comments!

- NikM