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Vault Platform Vault Platform

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice touch

Very nice game, and that's coming from someone who doesn't play puzzle games too often. My favorite part was hearing my song in here. It adds a whole new feeling of accomplishment when a track you make is used in a flash submission. So, thank you for making my day! :)

- NikM

wiseguyy responds:

your welcome :) thanks for the review!

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Black Widow Black Widow

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


This. This song right here, is one of the reasons I look through the newest tracks. To find gems like this as they're released. It's a great track, definitely one of the best I've heard in a long while. I liked how you added the information about black widows as the vocals part, it was a nice touch. The creepy overall atmosphere was amazing, and I loved the quick little vinyl sound you had going in the background throughout the main duration of the song.

The only thing I would change/add is maybe having a little drum breakdown halfway through, just to change things up a little and give the track a quick break from the main chorus, until you bring everything back in near the end. That could just be my style though XD Overall, very nice song! Favorited-5/5-9/10

- NikM

Quarl responds:

thanks mister :)

Bonk Bonk the Clown Bonk Bonk the Clown

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Scary O.O

I like this track a lot and you made it sound exactly like it was based on a ghost or some sort of spirit. I also like how you made it sound like the basic scary ghostly song that you would hear in a video game or a suspenseful part of a movie. But, I also think that could be a downfall. I would've like to have seen a bit more of your own little spin put into this song so it didn't sound so basic and like every other creepy song. Maybe substituted the organ (at least i think it was an organ) for something completely unexpected like a harp or spiky synth pattern. These are just ideas, but overall I liked this piece.

- NikM

[OS] Orchestral Themes Pt. 3 [OS] Orchestral Themes Pt. 3

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I love the sound of this track, it's almost too amazing for words. I can't even create a very good review, It's just THAT cool; the only I can say is good job! But, I do have a question. Did you use any VSTs (FX) in this, and if so, which ones were they because I can't seem to create a dynamic atmosphere like the one you've crafted here. Overall, very neat piece you have here.

- NikM

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ObsidianSnow responds:

I'm using Reason 4.0 (5.0 has been relased though) for my DAW here, which doesn't support VSTs. It uses it's own format of patches and libraries, from what I understand. Everything came from either the stock "Reason Factory" library (for synths, pads, and the bass), or the "Orchester" library (for the actual instruments). I did a whole bunch of work with EQ, reverb, compression, and stereo imaging to get each voice to sound this way, though.

One of the biggest things that's helped me to get a more dynamic atmosphere is having a MIDI keyboard - everything you hear in this one was entered using my Roland A-30, and nearly each and every part in a single take (doing things in multiple takes seems to make a tiny but noticeable difference in fluidity... P.s. the marimba was a bitch to get in one take, took me 11 tries). Before I had the keyboard, it took way, way more time to enter the MIDIs and edit them to sound even remotely human. Even then, I still wasn't getting the same quality that I'm getting out of the keyboard. I suppose any MIDI keyboard will do, but I am loving having weighted keys...

Other than that, I've found that once you start to get a better understanding of the rhythmic and timbre differences between instruments and how they affect one another, it becomes a whole lot easier to layer parts in a way that gives the whole piece a little more life. Know what relationships between rhythmic, dynamic, and sustained parts you're looking for as well, and... well. It certainly gets a lot easier.

Last... if you have the chance to play an instrument in an orchestral or concert setting, take it whenever you can. Many of the most talented composers out there are masters in at least one instrument. For the record, I am neither one of the most talented composers out there, nor am I a master in my instrument (percussion), but I have completed my first year of a music degree, and I've performed on percussion instruments probably well over 1000 times, for as many as 20 000 people at a time (World Music Competition 2009 with the Calgary Stetson Show Band) - it's been a godsend for my composition skills. Even just listening to live performances helps, provided you're actively listening to details and not just passively letting it all wash over you.

I'm looking into Cubase, Sonar, and Kontakt (which hooks up to either of the other two), since I'm starting to get a little tired of the limitations of Reason alone. But it's still a solid program if you think it's something you want to try - albeit I still don't understand all the ins and outs of it, and I've been using it for over 5 years now.

In any case, thanks for the review, I hope something I said helped you out, and I'm sorry for making you read that beast of a reply. All the best, NikM!

- Ian